2016 Working Conference held in NERIN

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On March 28~29, NERIN held the 2016 Working Conference and the Staff’s Congress. The top management of Zhang Xiaobo, Wu Runhua, Yao Suping, Liang Keming, Xiao Liping, Zhang Xiaojun, Xu Chinong, Liu Xueke, Wen Zhe and Ma Rongkai, the directors and supervisors of the Board, the leaders of the branches, subsidiaries, design divisions and business units, professional project managers, and the representatives of the staff, 300 plus people in total, attended the conference.

This conference is targeted to carry out the essence of the Central Economic Work Conference of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, summarize the work of NERIN in 2015, analyze the current economical situations home and abroad, put forward the general thinking, major tasks and operation goals of NERIN’s “13th Five-Year Development Plan”, make significant arrangements for the work in 2016, mobilize the whole staff to work together diligently and confidently and strive for the bright start of NERIN in the “13th Five-Year”.



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