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Organized by HR and Youth League Committee (YLC), the youth symposium was held at NERIN on June 16, participated by 14 young representatives from divisions, business units, branches, sub-companies and administrative department. Zhang Xiaojun, the deputy general manager, and the directors of HR and YLC attended the symposium. 

Before the symposium, the representatives made research on many aspects of employees, such as career, individual development, training, project arrangement and daily life, etc. In the symposium, the representatives brought forward relevant comments and suggestions in combination with their own work experience and through thinking.

Zhang Xiaojun, the deputy general manager, gave answers to some questions and problems put forward, and expressed that the issues which are not able to resolve immediately will be delivered to relative departments for research and settlement. Mr. Zhang indicated that the company will endeavor to create a good atmosphere for young employees in work and innovation, and the young employees by their own efforts will thrive and make accomplishment on the stage of NERIN.


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